What Our Clients Have to Say

"As an experienced Financial Service Manager I learned that when you have multiple agents in your store, each promoting their products vs. other products in the store, that the store easily loses focus and PRU. PMG and their suite of products combined with their training has made a world of difference in my store and my performance! Now I have one agent and he visits weekly making sure I have the tools to perform at the highest level. No more distractions from the parade of agents we used before!"

"As a rookie I had limited experience at one large volume store. I knew when I went looking for my new "home" that I needed to take my skills to the next level. When I first met my trainer from PMG he outlined my path to success. PMG took the time to train me the right way. Now I am consistently averaging 1.2 product per vehicle and my PRU is $1000+ every month."

"In my previous dealerships they had partnered with various national agencies who were limited to a "one-size-fits-all" product portfolio. It is tough to have high PRU when your products have limited coverage and lifetime caps. When Curb/Cosmetic coverage on Road Hazard became available my current agent did not have a product...and still doesn't to this day. I missed 3 yrs of great t/w penetration because I had the wrong partner. With over 20 yrs in financial services I had never fully appreciated the value of an independent agent until I met PMG! They introduced me to a suite of products with comprehensive coverage that I believe in. It is nice knowing when my customers purchase products from our dealership that they will be happy in the service department."

"Performance Management Group is the last in a long line of F&I companies that we have tried but the only one to effectively increase our performance. We have doubled our department revenue since they joined our team. I knew what had to be done but appreciated PMG's guidance and mentoring on "How to Accomplish my Goals as Finance Director". They provided the tools, products, training and process to help move my team to the next level."