Sales Recruiting and Training Program

  1. Consistent hiring process. You must plant seeds and pick weeds. Having a training class for new hires quarterly will improve your sales team. Consistently hiring new sales people will allow you to be selective about whom you want to keep on the floor. Sales personnel who under perform can be terminated without losing coverage. Your existing sales team will understand that only performance will secure their position with the company.
  2. Provide training monthly for all sales personal to share success and ideas on a particular subject. This will help increase retention and build team spirit as well as sharpen your sales teams skills.

Services Provided By PMG:

  1. Conduct a week long recruiting & training seminar for new salepeople.
  2. Customized Training Manual for Dealership Sales Process.
  3. Customized achievement certificates for your dealership.
  4. Conduct three 2-hour "Tools For Success" seminars for all sales personal. Dealership management will select the topic for each training module.
  5. Use of Performance Management Group's employment advertising copy.

Commitment From a Dealership:

  1. Hire new salespeople from monthly seminars.
  2. Pay for advertising associated with recruitment of personnel.

The Dealership will Benefit:

  1. Consistent training and recruitment to improve overall performance and production of sales department.