Training Outline

Sales Training Program

Training Outline

Meeting and Greeting (1.5 hours)
This teaches the students the importance of the first contact with customer.

Qualifying (4.0 hours)
The importance of qualifying a customer is stressed heavily in this segment.

Selecting a Car (3.0 hours )
We teach the importance of selecting a vehicle out of stock for immediate delivery.

Feature/Benefit (1.5 hours)
This segment shows the students how to point out exceptional features and explain to the customer why it will benefit them.

Demonstration (4.0 hours)
This teaches the students the art of demonstrating everything from anti-loc brakes to the cup holders.

Sell Service (1.5 hours)
This teaches the students to sell their Service Department as part of the "whole package" that the Dealership has to offer.

Appraisal (1.0 hours)
This section teaches the student what an appraisal is and how to subtly bring the value of the customers trade down in their mind without knocking the customer trade.

Close (4 hours)
Here we spend almost half our teaching time. We teach the student how to handle objections, how to trial close, how to use various types of closes (Ben Franklin, Assumptive etc..) depending on the type of customer and situation.

After Sale (.5 hours)
This familiarizes the rookies with the different types of after sale items that should be offered to the client after the price of the car has been negotiated and how to properly introduce their customer to the Business office.

Delivery (1.5 hours)
This covers : Getting the car ready, what paperwork needs to be done with the customers and how to properly deliver the car in order to receive high CSI scores.

Prospecting (2.5 hours)
This segment prepares the new salespeople to work diligently at getting people to come in to the showroom and ask for them.

Internet Referrals (2 hours)
This segment will help your salespeople understand how to correctly handle an internet lead. Your initial response to this customer will determine your success.

Leasing (2.0 hours)
This segment familiarizes new salespeople with all aspects of leasing, concentrating on terminology and why lease instead of buy.