How To Develop Your Finance Services Department Profit

Process evaluation: Is your Financial Service manager meeting with every customer at the time of sale?  If this is handled correctly by your staff, it will solidify the deal and expedite delivery. This is also the best time for your customer to be presented with their options in financing as well as any other products you choose to offer your customers.
Product Knowledge: Your Financial Services manager needs to know every detail of the products they are presenting to your customers, including the particulars of all financing and lease options available.

Presentation Techniques: Most Financial Service managers are not successful for 2 reasons. They have trouble presenting all of their products to all of their customers, and/or they do not keep track of their
performance on a daily basis. In today's customer savvy market, a menu presentation system will allow your Finance Service manager to present all of their products in a non-confrontational manner. By utilizing PerformanceTrack® you can monitor your Financial Services department's success daily never allowing a bad day, week or month to go by.

Compensation Plan:  Every business manger will figure out his/her pay plan and work their pay plan to their benefit. Balanced selling increases your profits and reduces chargebacks. Balanced selling also increases customer satisfaction. If you want to increase balanced selling and profits you need to have a pay plan that will encourage balanced selling.

Selection of Products: Every buyer has a different value set. A buyer that would never consider a Vehicle Service Agreement will buy an Environmental Agreement or a Tire & Wheel Agreement. You must present all available products and empower your customer to purchase the products they see value in. The products that are available to be offered in the business office include: