Evironmental Protection Agreement

  • Provides coverage for conditions that are specifically excluded by all of the manufacturers paint warranties.
  • Provides exterior warranty coverage against Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Bird Waste, Water Spotting, Insects, Spray Paint etc.
  • Utilizes an exclusive Ceramic Glass resin technology that bonds with the paint
  • Provides interior warranty coverage for the seats, floor mats and carpets against food dyes (typically found in sports drinks and food products). Utilizes DuPont TeflonĀ® Technology
  • Rental Car Coverage for Five Days @ $50.00 Dollars Per Day for any interior or exterior claim
  • One time application, good for 7 years.
  • Coverage will Repair or Paint up to the NADA value of the vehicle
  • Each Contract Fully Insured With A Rated Insurer
  • $0 Deductible